Hi! I’m Tristina Brockway and I’m a wife and mother of two. Our oldest, Taylor, is in college. Our youngest is 6 years old and we are currently homeschooling for the firstblog-pic time!

Everyone has different reasons for homeschooling their child. Some are the same. Some are different. We’ve recently relocated to Eastern North Carolina from Kentucky. Our son, Kyland, went to Kindergarten at an amazing public school in Kentucky. However, when we relocated, we were staying with my husbands parents while we looked for a home. Because of this, my son began school in that school district. Once we found a house to rent and moved out, he was going to have to change schools. We plan to buy a home within the next 1-2 years which would put him in yet another school!

We chose to homeschool because 1. We didn’t want to change his schools over and over again. And 2. He was bored with the 1st grade curriculum at his school. He began not wanting to go to school because they were doing things he already knew. Our son is also very tech savvy and stays engaged more when we implement some computer based programming.

I wanted to start this blog to share the challenges and success that we experience with homeschooling, as well as tips, materials, programs that we learn and love along the way!