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My Child Hates Writing

We are almost a month into homeschooling and I’ve finally found out what one of our struggles will be. My son HATES to write.  He will do copy work just fine. He will do any other writing as he should.  But when I give a prompt for him to write a sentence or two he has a complete melt down.

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I’ve reached out to other homeschooling families and discovered that it’s not just my son. This is actually quite common with younger children.  The beauty about homeschooling is that I can work with my child to get through this. He doesn’t have to start writing without complaint today, tomorrow, or next month.  We can do exercises and copy work in addition to his regular curriculum.
Here are some great copywork links that we will be utilizing in the future! The best part is that they are all FREE!

Letter Copywork

Free Letter B Worksheet Set – Free Homeschool Deals

BigHero6 Handwriting Printable Set – Print and Cursive Edition – Blessed Beyond A Doubt

Alphabet and Numbers –  Copycat Books

Orthodox Alphabet Copywork Pages – Paidea Classics

Handwriting Copywork 

Free Cursive Handwriting Worksheets – Free Homeschool Deals

Cursive Handwriting Practice – Worksheet Works

Free Preschool Printables: Handwriting Worksheets – Crystal and Co

Free Handwriting and Copywork Printables – Something 2 Offer

FREE Cursive Printables –  Copycat Books

Handwriting Worksheets  – Have Fun Teaching

Letters of the Alphabet – Handwriting for Kids


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