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It’s Monday Y’all!

Its amazing how great a Monday can feel when you Homeschool your child. I’m not saying that all Monday’s are easy. But today was a good day in our classroom!

We accomplish more in an hour of work than most 1st grade public school classrooms do in their seven or eight hour days!

What we covered today:

Math ~ Identifying Odd and Even Numbers, followed by a quiz and Chapter Test on Number Sense.

Language Arts ~ Diagraphs and Vowels with the lesson focused on sights and sounds of “ea.” Phonics-ea, High frequency words, and a decodable story.

Language Arts Extension ~ Segmenting: Tiny Has Gone Fishing (-an), Rhyming and Language: Jump Rope Jams (-an and -ay).

Science ~ Living and Nonliving Things followed by quiz.

Social Studies ~ How Basic Needs Are Met.

We completed all of this in about an hour. Now don’t get me wrong, my morning was crazy having to chase the dog around the back yard in my pajamas due to the neighbors dogs barking at the fence. But after that we had breakfast, play time, lunch, then school.

My son helped me make biscuits from scratch last night so technically we had a cooking class as well! Haha

Now time to double check my lesson plans for tomorrow. Fun stuff!


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