Yes, We Homeschool! Get Over It!

If you homeschool or have talked about homeschooling your child, you’ve most likely endured the intense questioning from friends and family who think they know what’s best for your child. Like me, you may have spent a bit of time indulging in the guilt and second guessing of your parental judgement. Because they couldn’t have possibly brought up something you hadn’t already considered yourself.

But what about socializing? – Do they really think we haven’t thought about that? Just because some children are made to sit in a classroom with their mouths closed 90% of the time and raise their hands should they wish to speak does not mean that they are socializing. Not every child is someone you want your child learning from. You can walk into any public school and observe the behavior of the students who go there. Take a good hard look because whether you like it or not, your child is around them more than you. Is that who you want to mold your child? Yes!We Homeschool!Get Over It!.png

Socializing can be done many ways. Some of which are through extracurricular activities, play dates, sports, music, or pretty much anything that requires your child to engage with others.

They would get a better education at school with a real teacher! –  In public school vs. homeschool, teachers are forced to juggle the educational needs of a large group of students with a wide range of abilities. Parents who homeschool often want to set higher standards for their children, choose quality curriculum or have the flexibility to work at a faster pace in the subjects in which their students excel. My son was complaining of being bored with school because they are forced to teach at a level that everyone can comprehend.

Do you know what the school offered my son because he was bored in class because he had already mastered the curriculum? A stress ball. Apparently they call them fidgets. A squishy ball to sit in class and squeeze because he already knew what was being taught.

So to anyone questioning my decision to homeschool, that’s your tax dollars at work. I chose not to waste them. You can thank me later.

What about college? – Michael Cogan, a researcher at the University of St. Thomas, discovered that homeschool students typically earn more college credits before their freshman year than traditional students, with 14.7 credits for homeschoolers, and 6.0 for traditional students. Earning college credit before freshman year can save thousands of dollars and shave time off of a degree. The 14.7 average credits for homeschoolers represent a full semester of freshman year, which is typically 12-15 credit hours.

Homeschoolers have better test scores on the ACT and SAT. They also have many scholarship opportunities and many colleges across 5 countries that accept homeschooled students. Basically, there’s no disadvantage to getting into college as a homeschooled student.

There are so many other questions I’ve been hit with but if I wrote them down I would never finish with this post.

Do what you think is right for your family and your children. Have faith in yourself and if you must, put the blinders on and look forward with only yours and your children’s goals in mind.




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